Wrongful Prescription

Most of us take for granted the fact that when we are in need of prescription medication, we are almost always diagnosed correctly by our healthcare provider – then we can take our prescription to any number of pharmacies to receive the recommended medication without much hassle or delay. We usually assume that the medication we receive is what was prescribed because most pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are careful and competent in their profession. However, not all pharmacies, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, or healthcare providers in general maintain the duty of care that is owed to their customers.

We put an enormous amount of trust in those that write and fill our prescriptions. Most, if not all, of us have voluntarily placed ourselves in potentially dangerous situations whereby we consume, ingest or administer drugs which, by their very nature, can cause serious harm to those that receive an incorrect amount or incorrect type of the drug. We give this trust because we expect a certain level of care and caution in return. Thankfully, it is a relatively rare occurrence for any of us to be wrong in our assumption that our prescriptions will be correct.

When a pharmacy, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or any healthcare provider fails to exercise the level of care owed to their customer/patient, he or she has breached that duty of care and may be liable for their negligent conduct. We understand the great burden and responsibility placed on those that are involved with writing and filling our prescriptions, and we are thankful for all of those that take this charge with the care and caution we expect. However, when a person or pharmacy fails to provide the duty of care required, people can and do get harmed. We expect those to be held accountable for their actions or omissions. Although this can never undo the negative effects experienced by the victim of a wrongful prescription, holding those responsible to account for their actions both compensates the victim and, hopefully, deters such negligent actions in the future so that we can continue to place our faith in those that administer our prescriptions.

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