Split With Your Partner Without Leaving Your Family Stranded

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If you did not make a prenuptial agreement before your wedding, or if you have children, splitting up your assets fairly may require more work than you originally thought. In many marriages, one partner works full-time, while the other provides child care support and keeps the household running.

After the split, the stay-at-home partner is left without an income and without the types of skills that directly translate to the working world. However, thanks to their help keeping the home running, the higher-earning partner may be further along in his or her career than would otherwise have been possible.

Thus, after the split, the partner who stayed at home may be entitled to more than simple child care costs to maintain the standard of living both partners worked to achieve during the marriage. Does this situation sound familiar? If so, contact Caulder & Gray to help you sort out a fair spousal support arrangement after your divorce.

How is child support determined?

Did you think alimony was complicated? Child support is even more complex. The courts consider several factors when determining child support requirements. Factors include:

  • The number of children who need financial support
  • The parents’ incomes
  • Child care costs
  • Any prior child support requirements

Determining how you, your ex-spouse or your children will be supported after the split doesn’t have to be painful and difficult. Make the process easier by meeting with a talented family lawyer to go over your situation. Call 205-588-5255 right now to schedule a consultation with one of our family lawyers in Birmingham, AL.