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Going through a divorce is difficult enough when there are no kids involved. When you bring children into the mix, things get even more complicated. Thankfully, you have the law firm of Caulder & Gray by your side to help you through tough child custody decisions.

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3 things to know about child custody laws in Alabama

Child custody laws are slightly different in every state. Here’s a brief overview of what you may face during a custody battle in the Birmingham, AL area:

  1. In Alabama, the courts prefer to assign joint custody whenever possible, although that does not always include joint physical custody.
  2. If one of the parents has been convicted of domestic violence, sole custody to the other parent will most likely be granted.
  3. If one parent tried to relocate to another city or state with the child, the courts may need to renegotiate the custody situation.

Don’t waste time arguing over custody with your ex-spouse. Hire a talented family lawyer to fight your case on your behalf.